A Good Neighbor

NDI’s founders grew up here in Atlanta, and are proud to be part of a local tradition of community pride and strong social values. We have a long history of making decisions not just to serve our business, but to serve our partners, our neighbors, and the community as a whole. In fact, NDIʼs mission is to develop properties that are beneficial to the local community, to our clients and tenants, and to the environment.

Here’s some of what NDI has done to make that mission a reality:

  • We are regular donors to local nonprofits, as well as to the fire department and police department who serve our community.
  • NDI’s properties are in some of Atlantaʼs most vibrant and diverse international neighborhoods. To help make clients and neighbors feel comfortable expressing themselves, and to be an authentic part of those communities, our CEO and staff speak six different languages in the office.
  • We’re willing to stand behind our clients. When they need help or are in a difficult situation, our first move is always to ask what they need and work with them, not against them. These strong relationships are the cornerstone of our business.
  • Unlike many developers, we develop shopping centers and other properties based on community needs, not just our own interests. We pride ourselves on supporting businesses that benefit the whole neighborhood.
  • We go out of our way to support locally-owned and often family-owned businesses. We believe that Atlanta is a great city because of its breathtaking diversity and strong sense of community pride. As our business grows, we want to help our community grow, too, and share our success with the neighbors who make it possible.